QucsStudio Installation Guide


QucsStudio is a non-commercial project primarily developed by Michael Margraf. It is a derivative of the Qucs (Quite Universal Circuit Simulator) project and is provided as a free-to-use circuit simulator.

Preparation Before Installation: QucsStudio

Here are the steps to prepare for installing QucsStudio.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Qucs Studio supports only the Windows® operating system. If you are using a different OS, consider running Qucs Studio within a virtual machine.


  • Download Source: Please visit the official Qucs Studio website. QucsStudio Official Download Page
  • How to Download: Download the latest version ‘QucsStudio-〇.〇.〇.zip’ file from the site.


QucsStudio does not require installation via an installer. Simply launch the executable file generated after extraction.

  • Unzip and Launch: Unzip the downloaded zip file in a folder of your choice.
  • Run ‘qucs.exe’ located in the ‘bin’ folder generated. This will launch Qucs Studio.

Startup Options

On its first launch, QucsStudio creates a folder named ‘.qucs’ in the user directory, which is used as the working folder. This folder stores all files and subfolders related to QucsStudio.

Additionally, you can specify a different folder as the working folder by appending a path to the executable file. For example, running the command ‘qucs.exe -“C:\users\guest\projects”‘ will use ‘C:\users\guest\projects’ as the new working folder.

When QucsStudio is extracted, a batch file named ‘start.bat’ is generated in the folder. You can edit the contents of this file to use the above options.

Follow these steps to set up and start using Qucs Studio.

Here is a comment from Michael Margraf. Please consider making a donation.

QucsStudio is a non-commercial project developed entirely in private time. Therefore, user support such as bug reports is essential. Test results and any type of documentation are always welcome. Additionally, please support other users in the forum. If you like QucsStudio, consider making a donation.


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